Ubango is a Non Profit Organization with its head quarter in Phnom Penh Cambodia, the members are made up of both Cambodians and non Cambodians from African origin with the aim of giving every child mainly in Cambodia rural areas access to education, clean water and good health. We discovered that in Cambodia many families in the rural areas cannot afford to take their children to school hence it becomes almost impossible for a child to go beyond primaries. Pupils, often girls who cannot afford school fees are forced out of school to work in factories, collect water can on the street, or early marriage. The Ubango’s school program ensures that a family’s material circumstances do not limit their children’s ability to excel in school.

We therefore strongly believe that every child should have access to basic education. When a child is educated he/she will be able to manage every resource at his/her disposal to create a wealth of opportunity to the development of his/her community. Ubango’s educational program is rooted in a belief that education is the key to sustainable change. Our programs focus on Khmer /English literacy and broader improvements in the quality of education offered in government schools in Cambodia. This ethos extends not only to our programs, but also how we operate as an organization and how we try to live our lives: by making small changes in our lives and continually striving to educate ourselves and others about the problems around us, we can all take leadership roles in improving our own lives and then the world.

Presently we do not have support or donors from any source, all we have achieved or striving to achieve is the collective effort of United Brothers Association members who contribute immensely to the development of our projects and goals. Thus we welcome all volunteers and donors who will partner with us and help build a sustainable and comfortable environment for the Cambodian children.

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